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rock bottom
For the first time in 15 years the secret is out! You too can now have the Butt and Body of well known A-list Actresses! Celebrity Trainer, Teddy Bass has put together a program of his best exercises and tools to help you shape, sculpt and tone your body. The TRAINERmat, ball, band, and DVD are all you need to get the body you deserve. So get ready and join Teddy on this amazing journey to your RockBottomBody!

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Rock Bottom Body

TRAINERbrands Teddy Bass
TRAINERbrands Easy. Convenient. Fitness. TRAINERbrands is the pioneer in self guided fitness equipment. All of our products have the exercises printed right on the surface. The TRAINERmat, TRAINERball, and TRAINERroller are some of the most popular products in fitness today! Read more at Teddy Bass Teddy Bass is known for training some of Hollywood's top celebrities. Teddy uses cutting edge training techniques to keep his workouts fresh for his client base – many of whom have remained loyal to him for well over a decade. Teddy's unique approach to training has given him the reputation as one of Hollywood's top trainers and "butt sculptors" among well-known A-List actresses. Read more>